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Handy Ideas launches YouTube Channel

posted by on August, 04, 2015 in News

Handy Ideas have teamed up with YouTuber and gizmo enthusiast Jack Bounds to launch a new YouTube channel to run alongside our popular social media feeds.

 With four gadget reviews already uploaded, including the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset and the Starlite Inflatable Luna Chair there’s plenty to see, but over the next few months we will be reviewing our favourite gadgets and uploading other cool stuff too.   

“Here at Handy Ideas we are very excited to see our new YouTube channel go live.  The development of this particular social media platform has been on our agenda for some time as it really will allow our customers to engage with us, but more importantly, our products.  Out-of-the-box style reviews offer anyone considering buying a product, or just wanting to find out more, a really insightful and useful product overview. Jack is helping out with the development of our YouTube channel whilst studying IT, and other subjects full time.  I’m pretty sure Jack’s future will be in digital media: as well as being young and techy, he’s also demonstrated to us a real flair in front of the camera.  Our customers we hope, over time, will enjoy ‘Gadget Jack’s’ honest, low-budget bedroom reviews.” says Kate Malt at Handy Ideas. 

So who is this Jack Bounds?

“I started broadcasting on YouTube when I was 13 and set up my first YouTube Channel, SharpExGaming, in 2013.  My focus, before getting into reviewing gadgets was gaming and Vlogging. Chris & Kate at Handy Ideas saw a couple of my YouTube videos and sent me a couple of gadgets for free to review online – it went from there really.  I just love gadgets and gizmos and I’m looking forward to being part of the Handy Ideas team and getting stuck into the new YouTube Channel - it’s really exciting...”

As the YouTube Channel develops, as well as regular gadget reviews, Handy Ideas are planning to feature clips about what’s new in the gadget industry and there will also be special emphasis on our brilliantly innovative suppliers.  As soon as they release a video showcasing a new gadget, or novelty that we’re planning to stock it’ll be right up there on the Handy Ideas YouTube Channel.

For Handy Ideas YouTube is all about engaging with our customers so we can offer them the service they need and the products they want, but it’s also about showing off a whole bunch of gadgets and having fun.  Before you go, we hope you’ll have a peek at the new YouTube Channel and, so you don’t miss Jack’s review of the incredible Robotic Lizard, subscribe to the Handy Ideas YouTube Channel and find out for yourself why Handy Ideas is known as the web’s fun-packed gadget shop.