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Robotic Lizard Versus Leopard Gecko

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What makes the best pet, the Leopard Gecko, or a Thumbs Up Robotic Lizard? We put these two old adversaries head-to-head on cost, companionship, and cleanliness then let you decide who comes out on top...

For the bone idle out there the first thing you have to say about the Robotic Lizard is that you have to build it yourself, whereas the Leopard Gecko comes readymade and good to go.  The Robotic Lizard may be fun to make and easy to assemble (if you can be bothered) but, in all fairness, if you need a pet in a hurry then the Robotic lizard isn’t really for you.  That’s 1 – 0 to the Leopard Gecko.

What makes the best pet, the Leopard Gecko, or a Robotic Lizard?
 Interesting Fact | The Robotic Lizard uses an infrared sensor to help it scurry away, and follow you about

Often described by Zoologists as unemotional, lacking empathy and even boring, the Leopard Gecko is a poor companion.  Mindful of this, gadget makers Thumbs Up have designed a Lizard to react to its owner’s instructions using special sensors. The Robotic Lizard can also flash you a little look with its sparkly LED eyes, and, if you want, Robo (we like call him Robo) can act all needy and cling to you like a lost puppy.  Robo Lizard makes a good companion who, unlike the Leopard Gecko, is prepared to interact and with a smattering of human quality.   We make that even at one a piece.

What makes the best pet, the Leopard Gecko, or a Robotic Lizard? 
Interesting Fact | Unlike other lizards the Thumbs up Robotic Lizard, does not shed its skin all over the place

Once you’ve built your Robotic Lizard, as far as running costs go, that’s about it.  Most people just switch Robo off and either put him back in his box, or put him on a display shelf where he’s perfectly happy just sitting there inert for hours - even days. The Gecko behaves in a similar way and sits motionless most of the time, but because it’s naturally fussy and demands extra shelter and warmth in the form of a heat lamp, running costs are high.  Feeding costs are higher than the Robotic Lizard’s too consuming significant numbers of insects and worms to keep going, while cheap-to-keep Robo only eats batteries.  Most people say they use rechargeable batteries to keep running cost down, but even if you go for traditional AAs, The Robotic Lizard wins hands down on running cost? 

Can the Leopard Gecko turn this around on purchase cost? No chance, the cheapest one we could find was £69 so, with The Robotic lizard coming in at £30, so it’s 2 – 1 Robo.


What you need to keep a:
Leopard Gecko:  
  • Gecko Home or Vivarium preferably made of wood for good insulation  
  • Internal Reptile Home, or some kind of fake cave. Geckos are extremely shy and moody and some owners use a coconut to protect them from hawkers. 
  • Heat lamp or mat (13w) will keep your Gecko nice and toasty.
  • Four Kilos of Natural, or Desert Sand.
  • Feeding Dish.  Any dish will do, as long you make sure it always has clean water.
  • Calcium dust bath to keep the Gecko coat shiny.
Thumbs Up Robotic Lizard:
  • Box, or Display Shelf

Interesting Fact | Geckos are nocturnal and the best time to get a glimpse of one is 3am

Adult Leopard Geckos prefer eating crickets and mealworms alive, but inconsiderately these creatures don't always provide the Gecko with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. The insects protest and the worms wriggle a bit, but Vets say dusting them in a vitamin supplement makes them much more nutritious. 

Can the Leopard Gecko win on stature?  Well no, but it’s a close run thing. The Gecko varies, in length, but on average they can stretch to around 25cm, but 3 – 1 to the Robotic Lizard that’s a whopping 37cm.

What makes the best pet, the Leopard Gecko, or a Robotic Lizard? 
Interesting Fact | Geckos eat crickets, small locusts, waxworms and mealworms

Both the Robotic Lizard and the Leopard gecko don’t mind being handled.  Unlike the Robotic lizard though, the Gecko has been known to bite, or scratch.  With care, however, Geckos do provide considerable amusement for their owners, while we found that Robo prefers to be free to roam about and play.  On the pleasures of handling your pet we’re going to give it to the Leopard Gecko, but please hold your Gecko gently and firmly and DON’T drop him...   3 – 2 Robo.

What makes the best pet, the Leopard Gecko, or a Robotic Lizard?
Interesting Fact | Robotic Lizards don’t drink water

There’s no easy way of saying this guys, but, Geckos stink.  The good news is, though, that if you clean them out regularly they can be pretty much odourless.  With a good disinfectant and making sure the water and food dishes are kept clean daily, the Gecko can smell as nearly as good as Robo... 

To sum up: While Leopard Geckos are undoubtedly one of the easiest lizards to keep as a pet they’re nowhere near as needy, or crave the company of humans as other pets. Geckos are quite happy to live on their own and, frankly, make terrible companions.   As the Gecko is nocturnal, they are most active when its owners are asleep and because of this, they may be regarded as dull.  Overall, we’re not sure the Gecko gives a toss about its owners, but they live a long time and on those days when you just can’t sleep you know you’ll have a friend scampering around the Vivarium in the wee small hours.  On balance and despite having to build the Thumbs Up Robotic lizard yourself we think, as a pet, Robo’s a clear winner. One last thing, don’t buy a pair of Geckos, if they breed you’ll never find homes for the offspring.

Interesting Fact | Geckos don’t urinate and can live up to twenty expensive years

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